The Ultimate Golf Rangefinder Test

This rangefinder test is the whole reason that exists. Together we are going to find out:

  1. If Rangefinders are as accurate as manufactures claim.
  2. How fast each rangefinder can pick up the flag.
  3. If these rangefinders can pick up a flag within 250 yards.
  4. Whether you really get what you pay for when it comes to golf rangefinders

15 rangefinders used in our test

We lined up a total of 15 rangefinders for our test. We had a mix of mostly golf rangefinders and a handful of hunting rangefinders to test.

For our test, we started by setting up a flag at a local football field. This gave us precise measurements inside 120 yards (40, 60, 80, 100, & 120 yards) and the location has a hill in the background. We tested the whole lot of rangefinders on multiple attempts at each location and logged the data to find out:

  • How accurate the rangefinder was on each shot
  • The speed at which the rangefinder was able to lock onto the flag from each distance
  • Whether the device picked up background noise instead of the pin at any distance

After our time at the football field, we moved out to a flat fairway in the golf course to take readings at longer distances. We shot to flags from 150, 175, 200, 225 and 250 yards.

Once we finished collecting our data, we rated the optics, size and build quality, and compared the rangefinders based on price. Our goal was to compile all of the data in a way that is very readable. We want it to be easy for you to take a look at what metrics matter the most for you and your game.

After hours of testing, here is what we saw from each rangefinder, in order of how good of a value we feel they are for their price at testing.

    April 4th list update

    Rank Last Rangefinder Value Amazon Price My Review Link
    1 1 Caddytek Caddyview V2 10/10 $149.99 See Review Click Here
    2 6 TecTecTec VPRO500 8.6/10 $149.99 Coming Soon Click Here
    3 5 Leupold GX-1 8.6/10 $309.99 Coming Soon Click Here
    4 7 Bushnell Tour V4 8.4/10 $259.99 Coming Soon Click Here
    5 8 Nikon Coolshot 40i 8.2/10 $239.99 See Review Click Here
    6 4 Callaway Hybrid Laser/GPS 8.1/10 $329.99 Coming Soon Click Here
    7 9 Bushnell Tour Z6 8.0/10 $269.99 Coming Soon Click Here
    8 3 Bushnell Hybrid Laser/GPS 7.6/10 $344.59 See Review Click Here
    9 10 Breaking 80 7.1/10 $159.99 Coming soon Click Here
    10 11 Simmons Volt 600 6.9/10 $59.99 Coming Soon Click Here
    11 12 Bushnell Tour X7 6.5/10 426.99 Coming Soon Click Here
    12 13 Precision Pro Nexus 6.1/10 $149.99 Coming Soon Click Here
    13 2 Bushnell Tour V3 5.7/10 $598.99 See Review Click Here
    N/A 15 Elkton LR400S Discontinued
    N/A 14 Gamer Golf Z450 Discontinued

  1. Caddytek Caddyview V2

    The Caddyview V2 was the big surprise of our rangefinder test. This unit held its own among all of the higher priced golf specific rangefinders. Of the 30 readings we took, there was never a miss of more than 1 yard. The average time to pick up the rangefinder, lock into the flag, and set the device back down was under 5 seconds. Optics and feel of the device are in line with the Bushnell units; the only thing missing was the jolt feature that gives you extra confirmation that the pin was picked up. This device is the only one that received a value rating of 100/100 at the price of $149 on Amazon, along with the readings we saw, it’s a no brainer.

    Caddytek Caddyview V2 Golf Rangefinder Review

  2. TecTecTec VPRO500

    The VPRO500 is a highly rated mid-price golf rangefinder. The device has a plastic casing with rubber portions on the top and bottom for extra protection from a drop. The optics are in line with what we would like to see on rangefinders for golf. There were some accuracy issues with this unit. It read long on every reading. There were frequent readings of 2-4 yards longer than the flag was at. The saving grace for this rangefinder is that it was fairly consistent. While it did measure long, if you were using the unit frequently these readings would be tailored to your clubs and it wouldn’t have a big affect on your game. At a price point of $149 on Amazon this is a respectable unit receiving a value rating of 86/100.

    TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review

  3. Leupold GX-1 Golf Rangefinder

    The Leupold GX-1 is an accurate unit that locks onto the flag without issue. This is a small unit that appears to be well built. I borrowed it from a friend who has had it in his bag for several years, and the device shows very little signs of wear. The optics are great on the unit, something that Leupold is well known for. This unit was a little bit on the higher price range in our test, and that is really the only downside we had. At a price at testing of $309 on Amazon, this unit received value rating of 86/100.

    Leupold GX1 Golf Rangefinder Review

  4. Bushnell Tour V4

    The Tour V4 is the lightest and smallest rangefinder we tested. It was super fast to pick up a flag at an average speed of 4.7 seconds. It locked on just about as fast as we could point the unit towards the flag and click the button. With a handful of readings 2-3 yards off target, this rangefinder missed the mark just a touch there. At a price point of $259 at the time of testing, we gave it a value rating of 84/100.

    Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder Review

  5. Nikon Coolshot 40i Golf Rangefinder with Slope

    The Coolshot 40i was one of two rangefinders we looked at that include the slope feature, but this isn’t a feature we were testing. Click here to see why we aren’t testing slope. This rangefinder is deadly accurate, it didn’t have any readings that were more than 1 yard off of the target. It’s a small and compact rangefinder. The main issue we ran into were the optics on this unit. The lens is small and it took us some extra effort to view the green when looking into the rangefinder. At a price point of $239 at Amazon, we gave this unit a value rating of 82/100.

    Nikon Coolshot Rangefinder Review

  6. Callaway Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder

    The Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder is another dual-purpose rangefinder we tested. This unit was quick to lock onto the flag with an average of under 6 seconds, and had no issues getting measurements all the way to the 250-yard mark. There were several readings that were off by 1, 2 or 3 yards from the target’s distance, but the unit was fairly consistent throughout. At a price point at the time of testing on Amazon of around $239, this unit received a value rating of 81/100.

    Callaway Hybrid Rangefinder Review GPS and Laser

  7. Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Rangefinder

    The Bushnell Tour Z6 rangefinder was the first rangefinder I ever purchased. I did a ton of reach and decided that it was the one for me. I’d say it treated me well, but it is also the reason for this site. I had some discrepancies in my early days with the unit that made me question, how accurate are these things? This unit is a small, well built unit. It has a metal casing, which makes it weigh quite a bit more than the others, but also help keep the device stable. At a price point of $269, the higher end of our test group, we gave it a value rating of 80/100.

    Bushnell Tour Z6 Rangefinder Review

  8. Bushnell Hybrid Laser/GPS Rangefinder

    The Bushnell Hybrid has been my personal rangefinder for the past 6 months. I’ve never had concerns about the device giving me the proper reading, but readings outside of 200 yards have been a struggle, that remained true for my field test. This rangefinder had 100% accuracy inside 150 yards without missing a single measurement by even a yard. Add on the GPS function that gives you readings to front/center/back of the green, and this would seem like the perfect unit. The only two drawbacks we run into is that this is a slightly larger unit due to the GPS portion, and we really struggled to get readings of flags beyond 200 yards. At a price point when we purchased of $345 on Amazon, this received a value rating of 76/100.

    Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder Review

  9. Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder

    The Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder was one of the most rated (non-bushnell) rangefinders we looked at. It has a mid-range price point and great reviews on amazon. While this unit was pretty quick to lock onto the flag, we found it had issues getting a consistent reading. It was accurate within a few yards until we started pushing outside of 150 yards. At that point we had readings as much as 5 off of the known target at 200 yards, and had a 260-yard reading when we were at 250 yards. Overall this rangefinder was lacking a bit to the other options out there. With a price point of $159 on Amazon, we gave this unit a value rating of 71/100.

    Breaking 80 Rangefinder Review

  10. Simmons Volt 600 Rangefinder

    The Simmons Volt 600 rangefinder is a highly rated hunting rangefinder with one of the lowest price points in our test. I frequently hear people say that you don’t need a “Golf” rangefinder, and when the word “golf” is added, it doubles the price. I wanted to take a look at a few hunting rangefinders to see if this is true. This unit did a pretty decent job for the short-range readings. It picked up all flags inside 100 fairly quickly, even with background noise. Once I started pushing 120 yards and beyond it started to struggle. There were several readings that took over 10 seconds to pick up the flag. After 175 yards it could not pick up a flag at all. I even stuck it on a tripod at 200 yards and had no luck getting a reading. If you only want accurate readings to a flag for your shorter shots, this could be a viable option. If you want readings to the flag throughout the course you should pass on this one. With a price point of around $60 on Amazon, we gave this unit a value rating of 69/100.

    Simmons Volt 600 Rangefinder Review

  11. Bushnell Tour X7 Golf Rangefinder

    The Bushnell Tour X7 was one of the most expensive rangefinders we looked at. It had a lot of positives to it, but overall I didn’t think the price point matched the findings. This unit strangely got better when the distances were further away. It had issues at the 40 & 60-yard mark, but outside of there it got much better. It was extremely fast to pick up to the flag, and with its unique 2-handed horizontal orientation it was easy to keep still for long-range readings. This was one of the fastest units to lock onto a flag, the only thing it was lacking was some accuracy in the early stages. If you are extremely shaky, this would be a good option for ease of use locking onto the flag. I’m naturally shaky, and there are others at a lower price point that I had no issues with, but this could be one to try if no others seem to work. With a price point of around $426 on Amazon, we gave this unit a value rating of 65/100.

    Bushnell Tour X7 Rangefinder Review

  12. Precision Pro Nexus Golf Rangefinder

    The Precision Pro Nexus Golf Rangefinder is a mid-price golf specific rangefinder. It has a sleek look to it, but that is about where the positives end. To start with on this unit, we had the eye piece/optical adjuster become loose and fall off at the very early stages of testing. The optics on this unit were one of the worst I looked at. It was hard to get a clear picture, and when adjusting for the best view we could get it was still far behind most of the others. When it came to the accuracy, we had frequent incorrect readings. Inside 120 yards it was fairly consistent, but as we moved further we got readings as far as 5 yards off of target. With a price point of $149 on Amazon, we gave this unit a value rating of 61/100.

    Precision Pro Nexus Golf Rangefinder Review

  13. Bushnell Tour V3

    The Tour V3 is one of the most popular rangefinders on the course. It’s no surprise why after our testing of the unit. We had only one reading that was more than 1 yard off of the target, and out of the number of readings we took, that’s a pretty tough feat. This unite is lightweight, well built, simple to use, and backed by the Bushnell name. At a price point of $599 on Amazon, this unit received a 57/100 overall value rating.

    Bushnell V3 Golf Rangefinder Review

  14. Elkton LR-400S

    The Elkton LR-400S was the wildcard in our testing. It was another cheap hunting rangefinder, and we wanted to see how it would fair on the course. It could barely pick up a flag if you were standing next to it. We were able to get readings from 40 yards, although it was off at least 7 yards on each reading. Beyond that we had troubles basically everywhere. With a price point of $100 on Amazon, this unit is not worth the purchase. It received the lowest value rating of 46/100. It appears this unit is no longer available since our testing, good riddence.

    Elkton LR450S Rangefinder Review

  15. Gamer Golf Z450 Rangefinder

    The Gamer Golf Z450 was lacking at every point of our test. The unit came in an unmarked box that made it pretty clear it was an outsourced product. The only branding within the whole package was on the rangefinder itself. My guess is this was sourced from a place like Alibaba and marked as a golf range finder. There were inaccurate readings at all levels on my test, with missed readings as far as 8 yards. Even with a price point of $120 on Amazon, this unit is not worth the purchase. We gave this unit a value rating of 51/100. Since our test, this unit has been discontinued and replaced with this unit, which appears to be identical to the Breaking 80 rangefinder from above. At the current price point of $140, if this is the same as the Breaking 80 it would get a value rating of 74/100.

    Gamer Golf Z450 Rangefinder Review

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