About the Guy

Hi, I’m TJ, welcome to my site. I am a 30-year-old entrepreneur and golf enthusiast. I run an education company from home, which affords me time in the evenings to head to the golf course. My home is in central Kansas, and even with the harsh winters I am able to squeeze in my share of golf. When people ask if I golf a lot, I always say that I golf more than my wife would like, and less than I would like. It seems like a good balance.

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to golf rules and technology advancements of the game. When I was looking for my last golf rangefinder I struggled to find information that I thought was worthwhile out there about which product was best. I came across numerous rangefinder websites that give their opinion or suggestion of range finders, the only problem is most of these suggestions come without ever holding the device. I decided that I could do it better, and make an informative, unbiased site that gives you the information you really want and need about your next range finder purchase.

I want to challenge the manufactures on accuracy claims of their rangefinders, and give in depth analysis on how easy it is to pick up your target from varying distances. In our field test we put 15 range finders side-by-side and measure to known distances to check for accuracy, speed, and ease of pin reading. All of my reviews and suggestions will come from first hand experience. You will never see a review or suggestion on a device that I haven’t had in my hands.

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